I’m Kaio, a breaking (break dance) athlete and coach born in Italy.

Kaio Falcrow

I was always a sporty kid. Both of my parents were gymnastics teachers, so they always pushed me to do physical activities. I was never a competitive kid, but more a nerd about learning new skills and movements, just competing against myself unlocking new abilities as if I am a videogame character (lol).

I jumped from one discipline to the other, trying gymnastics, athletics (track and field), volleyball, hockey, karate and some more martial arts, until I found breaking in 2005. Since then I never stopped.

I attended many workshops, traveled around the world and practiced with world class B-boys (break dancers) such as Pocket, C-lil, The End, Boby, Marcio, Cico, Lil Amok and many more.

Learning from the bests made me understand there are many ways to learn moves and different training perspectives.

After gaining all this knowledge and developing my skills, I decided to start making videos and tutorials to share what I learned along the way.

Lately I am also practicing calisthenics (bodyweight workout) and mobility training, which is helping me having a clearer understanding of the muscles involved in bodyweight movements.

Kaio Falcrow

Now, I’m using my 15+ years of experience in breaking to help people improve their level, from beginners to professionals, sharing all the things I have learned along my journey so they can reach their goals faster.